10 Foods that Cause Inflammation

As we discussed in previous Blogs that inflammation is designed to be a good thing for the body, it is designed to be healing.  However, too much inflammation makes the body work in overdrive and if you are suffering you need to consider lifestyle changes.  Like anything I always suggest little steps to change.  If you make a change to big, it becomes overwhelming and not sustainable in the long run. 

A very simple diet change for consideration would be to change margarine and spreads that contain hydrogenated oil to butter or ghee (which is clarified butter) are good alternatives.  Butter is high in omega 6, and where we want to be is consuming a balance between omega 6 and omega 3.  An easy way to get that is using extra-virgin olive oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and add ghee or butter.  Ghee has a more intense floor than butter to the bigger bang for the taste buds is a mixture between ghee and olive oil for that rich buttery flavour!

Another simple change is to pass up processed cheese and enjoy small amounts of natural hard cheeses, like cheddar or Swiss instead of Kraft cheese slices, or Velveeta (is it even cheese?).  Any cheeses made with grass fed animals is better for you but hard to find.

These two changes can help reduce inflammation in your body. Some other considerations that are easy to implement are to lower you fat intake by consuming organic skim milk or change cream cheese to ricotta or soft goat. Reduce fatty meats like bacon, burgers, hotdogs, ribs and bologna switch to fish or beans. Avoid sugary cereals, pre-seasoned foods and seasoning mixes, sugary yogurt, white bread to name a few quick and easy changes.  These small changes will all help the body over time.

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Ref: Special Health Edition March 2022


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