Trust in the Universe

There is always going to be uncertainty in life.  The one certain thing is that there will be uncertainty, I guarantee it but, we have to trust in the universe and what it sends us. Some of us are more tolerant of uncertainty in life, we all have at least one person we know that can ride by the seat of their pants having the highest tolerance of uncertainty running around without any planning what’s so ever!  Then there are those that cannot tolerate any uncertainty as it is such a trigger, even in small amounts, they live life very carefully.

The intolerance of uncertainty can cause extreme anxiety and can limit our lives.  Often, we create behaviours to compensate for the intolerance; Avoidance of certain activities, Double Checking over and over again a to make sure there is no mistake and everything is perfect, Seeking Reassurance, asking whom ever will listen over and over the same question just to make sure you get the same answer, Making Of Long Lists! Some intolerant people make long lists of the smallest of things, donating long hours in their day to create them, Distraction there is always something else to do rather than face the uncertainty, working out at the gym is way better than filing those taxes.

How does someone learn to tolerate uncertainty? Change your thinking instead of feeling the need to be 100% certain, allow your thinking to change to, no one can predict the future, take control of the negative thinking.  An eye-opening task might be to write down all of the limits the intolerance is making for you.  Exposing yourself to change and practice uncertainty, an example would be if you feel the need to always order the same meal in a restaurant, find your courage and pick a new one.  Be brave and find your curiosity on what a change in thinking might do to make life simple and have less anxiety.  Get creative a little step at a time to a change of thinking.  Try it!

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May 27, 2024
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