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Face & Embrace Your Fear

Friday, June 14, 2024 at 7p.m.

There is a Qui Gong movement that is called, Embracing the Tiger; as soon as I hear those words, I felt it align with the feelings of fear.  Fear can be like a tiger coming in big, fast and powerful but it can be tamed.

Transforming and surrendering to fear isn’t mechanical; there is no magic pill.  Transforming requires a person to have a willingness to challenge a basic believe about who they are, then have faith to trust in the responses that are felt, that they will pass.  At times these sensations can’t be fully understood.  Learning to find the courage, be willing to flow with the responses and not let them take over, and visualizing yourself in harmony with the response.  Embracing those feelings!  Remember, letting go never happens all at once; slow and little steps are what is necessary.  Come and learn how to take those little steps.

The first step is to come and join us for a virtual event where we are gong to find courage, face fear and learn how to embrace it.

1 hour virtual event on Zoom, with experts on how to face and embrace fear.  Have some fun while you learn.

Fill out the registration form by June 7, 2024 and we will send you the link to this class.  Get ready to transform!

Once you have completed our Face and Embrace virtual event, you will then be provided with access to join our private Facebook group, Mind Health Connect Community, for sharing, learning and finding change with others in a safe place.

Reserve Your Space

June 14, 2024

7 p.m.

$ 55
1 hour session
  • ZOOM Class Only
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • We accept Visa or Mastercard (phone only)
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