Autism Spectrum Disorder spelled out in red letters on wireframe notebook with coloured pencils.

Scientists have found a “definitive association” between gut bacteria and autism spectrum disorder.  The relationship between the gut microbiome and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been identified through new technology. In a study published in the scientific journal, Nature Neuroscience, scientists claim to have made a “definitive association” between temporal changes in gut microbiome composition […]

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Autism Spectrum Disorder spelled out with coloured blocks.

Honestly, I would like to be around the conference table when things related to mental health get a name.  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), really?  I have had many conversations with kids when they are so deflated, “I have a disorder they will say.” I tell them hog wash! Don’t listen to that talk, you are

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Dig In & Understand Autism (ASD) According to the DSM 5, to receive a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) you must have persistent deficits in each of the three areas of social communication and interaction plus at least two of the four types of restricted, repetitive behaviours. These are divided into three categories of

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