What is Pre-Verbal Trauma?

Sad young victim of pre-verbal trauma holding teddy bear looking out a window.

There is a little whisper of what is called pre-verbal trauma, things that happen before you have the ability to communicate verbally.  Experiences that could be involved are problematic birth, inattentive parent, physical abuse, poverty, or neglect.  Like most women who have had multiple pregnancy and delivery stories we can all attest that no two […]

Effects of Trauma on the Body

Ball and chain with Trauma attached to ankles of person.

Well, it’s a heavy topic but a necessary one, trauma has many effects in the body, links to autoimmune, gut health, physical pain and emotional pain, suffering within the person and extending outside to all their relationships.  It takes a toll on everyone and everything. The first key of healing is calming yourself, containing the […]