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One of the odder things about the human gut microbiome is how different each person is. Everyone’s microbiome includes different types of bacteria; curiously, they all seem to do more or less the same thing, in both sickness and in health.  It is one of the foundational mysteries of human biology, how complex be have […]

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Remember we always say…trust your gut…a gut feeling is inexplicable but so very powerful.  To feel something intensely is to feel it viscerally, literally in the intestines.  The idea that Gut-Brain Axis is a two-way street had some cultural momentum before science caught on, continuing with my thoughts from BLOG #51. What we do know

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BLOG 49 discussed Gut Brain Connection and the Canadian experiment where scientists found that there was a correlation between gut bacteria and cognitive development!  What started the thinking was what we already know that there is a link between psychological aspects such as autism or depression, which are correlated with digestive disorders such as irritable

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