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In Blog #67 we went through how fear comes from the response of the amygdala  and for the benefit of our survival.  Fear is instinctual.  In this Blog I want to touch on the topic of how we could embrace fear.  In Blog 67 we touched on that fight, flight, freeze is instinctual.   Generally speaking […]

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The feelings of fear come from the reptilian part of the brain called the amygdala.  It is a behaviour the is instinctual.  It was instinct and instinct alone that made us search for food, shelter, and a suitable mate. Day by day year by year season by season the behaviours repeat because the instinct worked

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Your Brain and Your Mental Health There is research that shows indisputable links between gut health and overall health including mental health. But are you aware that “good fats” are one of the most important components of your diet since the brain is made of 60% fat? The brain contains 25% of the body’s total

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Functional Approach – Looking Upstream When I first started counselling as a registered therapist I struggled to understand all of the registrations and insurance rules plus the boundaries surrounding the entire governmental system as it was designed by the bureaucracy.  If I struggled from a registration point, I can sympathize with others to get through

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