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As we discussed in previous Blogs that inflammation is designed to be a good thing for the body, it is designed to be healing.  However, too much inflammation makes the body work in overdrive and if you are suffering you need to consider lifestyle changes.  Like anything I always suggest little steps to change.  If […]

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Tackling stress in your everyday life starts with small changes that reduces unwanted chronic inflammation. Some stressors are good and protective.  Too much stress can be toxic and inflammatory.  Stress can be mental, physical and/or environmental. There are two types of stress that you need to distinguish from 1) Eustress which is moderate or normal

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When your gut is unhealthy, the whole body is at risk.  There can be bacterial imbalance, mechanical blockages and other issues that can include brain fog, acne, weight gain, allergies, nutrient deficiency, hormonal or mood imbalances. You will know when you have “Leaky Gut”, you feel the digestive system not working efficiently, causing abdominal distress

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