Although in 2020 this event was not newsworthy at the time, just before the pandemic lockdown fell over North America there was a collective effort of major scientific significance. 50 Canadian newborn babies in Ontario and British Columbia filled their diapers and a sample was scraped into a tube with preservative solution and sent prepaid […]

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Understanding how our mind and body work and thinking out way to chronic health is the knowledge we all could benefit from.  But what does mindfulness really mean and how do we find it?  I believe that the mind and body are one single system not two separates as we always discuss.  If we open

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Choice is described as an individual’s opportunity to perform an action selected from at least two available options.  The right to make a choice can be difficult when we get too much information, we struggle to make the “right” choice, we overthink and “what if” questions circle our minds.  Albert Einstein once said, “if I

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I am sure most of us felt the stress of the COVID lock downs and stress from the unknown brought about fears.  Our routines were altered, financial pressures and social isolation.  There was fear from job uncertainty, information overload, rumours, and misinformation that did make our lives feel out of control and make it unclear

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Just like there are foods that reduce inflammation, there are foods that increase inflammation.  It is a good habit to switch out some of the following from your kitchen cupboard and meals.  Here are the top 10: Vegetable oils – So we know that inflammation damages healthy tissue, raises blood pressure, and can potentially encourage

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What does it actually mean “Mind Body Connection”?  Research is showing more and more that the mind plays a significant role in the connection to our health.  We always underestimate how changing or rethinking our beliefs and attitudes can improve our health and happiness. A recent book by Ellen Langer, The Mindful Body, sites research

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