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Stem cell biology. DNA Methylation and Cellular Reprogramming 3D illustration

Understanding Over & Under Methylation When it has to do with nutrients for the body there is a need to understand not just what has the right nutrients but also over and under methylation.  What it is and how it affects you, your body’s performance, and your overall health. I cannot stress enough the importance […]

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Nutrient Support for OCD The brain is a chemical factory which produces serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and other chemicals 24 hours a day.  The raw material for these syntheses  is nutrients, namely amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  If the brain receives improper amounts of these nutrients or you have a genetic predisposition to not methylate,  well

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What is Organic Mean Anyway? So, we are learning how to shop, learning how to set up the pantry and all things good to better our health. Eating organic is important as we avoid chemicals that have a history of harm, and now try changing to consuming “whole foods” that have not been processed, the

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Chalk drawing of gut with healthy foods

The Importance of a Great Gut! Your gut has a really big job. It has the task of making sure that our body functioning properly and that we digest, absorb and transform the nutrients we take in to supply nourishment to other body systems like energy production, hormone balancing, skin, mental and physical health and

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Organic fruits and vegetables to be shopped for

The New Way to Shop Shopping when you are starting out, trying some new healthy cooking methods can be a struggle. Carefully reading labels and learning about new products and finding reliable companies where you know quality counts can be difficult. By organic standards, there are certain fruits and vegetables that are an “always” considered

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