embracing fear

What is in my control is a good question to ask yourself.  Often, we labour over things we have no control over. We lose sleep and stress ourselves out with things that are not in our control.  I will often work with this in session and is a great conversation to have with yourself and […]

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I have talked extensively on fear in past blogs. This blog is about the body’s response to fear and how it changes our bodies chemical makeup. There are over 200 chemicals (hormones) that react when we experience a stressful event, perceived as a threat.  In an acute stressful event, there is a cascade of changes

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May is mental health month! What does that mean? May is designated as Mental Health Awareness month in Canada, a time for fostering understanding, promoting resilience, and raising awareness about the importance of mental well-being for all Canadians.  this social movement is meant to increase awareness and improve understanding of mental illness, reduce the stigma

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Woman clutching pillow to chest while seated on gray couch.

In Blog #67 we went through how fear comes from the response of the amygdala  and for the benefit of our survival.  Fear is instinctual.  In this Blog I want to touch on the topic of how we could embrace fear.  In Blog 67 we touched on that fight, flight, freeze is instinctual.   Generally speaking

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