When we are trying to shift our awareness to being more mindful about what we eat to reduce inflammation. Therefore, it would be helpful to reduce inflammation within the body, to know what foods are anti-inflammatory for us to eat.  That is where it all starts with the awareness of our body’s needs. When we […]

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Running shoes, glove, dumbbells, exercise balls. Just do it!

Exercise – Just Do It! We all know, or have been told about the importance of exercise, but do we really know howimportant it is, and the types of exercise required for optimum health? Results of exercisestudies have been somewhat mixed, but there is a growing consensus that high intensityweight-bearing exercise and resistance training generally

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Three girls sticking out their tongues with ice cream cones

Tongue Tie, Huh? Why am I writing about a this? There is a strong link between tongue tie and B12/folate issues (MTHFR genes) – but what is atongue tie actually? ( A tongue tie “is a condition in which an unusually short, thick or tight band of tissue (LingualFrenulum) tethers the bottom of the tongue’s

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Mind Body Connection When I started in private practice working many years ago, I had many successful sessions where the individual received Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).  Through a workbook, the individual began to understand how thought and feelings were connected and could be changed, then BOOM – finished and out the door!  Those were the successful

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Functional Approach – Looking Upstream When I first started counselling as a registered therapist I struggled to understand all of the registrations and insurance rules plus the boundaries surrounding the entire governmental system as it was designed by the bureaucracy.  If I struggled from a registration point, I can sympathize with others to get through

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