Woman reading informed consent document on computer.

Informed Consent The Canadian medical system requires that we are provided with “informed consent” — we trust this.  If we are required to have surgery, usually we are presented with “informed consent” paperwork requiring our signature.  The documents list all the surgery outcome, risks and possibilities for us to sign but, sometimes this is all […]

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Functional Approach – Looking Upstream When I first started counselling as a registered therapist I struggled to understand all of the registrations and insurance rules plus the boundaries surrounding the entire governmental system as it was designed by the bureaucracy.  If I struggled from a registration point, I can sympathize with others to get through

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What are the Pillars of Mental Health? There are two pillars of mental health that we should be aware of:  Psychological and Medical.  The first one is psychological — it is what we think about and the second one is medical — it is what we do to our body.  Both of these pillars work

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