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The term temperance is defined as moderation or voluntary self-restraint.  It is typically described in terms of what a person voluntarily refrains from doing.  This includes restraint from revenge by practicing mercy and forgiveness, restraint from arrogance by practicing humility and modesty, restraint from excesses such as extravagant luxury or splurging, restraint from overindulgence in […]


Exercise: is good for both the body and mind.  There are so many physical benefits such as reducing risk of high blood pressure, heart function, diabetes control, building healthy strong bones improve circulation, muscle and joints, digesting foods, reduces stress and increases those happy hormones. Want to increase your energy levels, exercise can help with […]

Changes to Natural Health Care Products

I do not normally take a public stand on many things, but I feel that this is something that the population needs to be aware of as it has major significance for all Canadians. There is about to be a major change in Natural Health Product Regulations with consultation in the federal parliament for these […]

Why I Chose This Path

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I can’t tell you how many kids I have had come into my office and through the meet and greet they would say, “am I smiling I can’t feel my face” or “I can’t sleep so I take a pill or “people get annoyed and I have sit still so I have to take my […]

How I Learned the Hard Way

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The journey of my health and wellness has been guiding me to where I am today.  We all have our stories and struggles through the medical system or know someone that has struggled through some health issues.  My story is, I had extreme fatigue, could fall asleep sitting up so I got into the habit […]

MTHFR Again!

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One of my first blogs was about Methylenetetrahydrofolatereductase (MTHFR).  I am not sure I understand why but Canada has not adopted the knowledge on the medical side.  What is it?  It is an enzyme in the methyl cycle of the body causing different individual outcomes  such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, preeclampsia during pregnancy, glaucoma […]

Balancing Blood Sugar

We don’t realize the significance in balancing blood sugar and the role it plays in mood and overall health.  Have you ever had the “Hangry Feeling”? That is probably blood sugar issues. Blood glucose chaos makes way for a pattern of reactive Hypoglycemia, a condition where blood sugar level drops too low in non-diabetic individuals.  […]

Zinc Copper

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There are many nutrients that are effective in enhancing MT Function and limiting Pyrrole. Some of these nutrients are digestive enzymes, probiotics, trace minerals and essential fatty acids are often helpful.   First though it is recommended to contact a health care professional.  A part of the treatment that is important is the removal of excess […]

Metallothionein and Brain Health

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Metallothionein (MT) is a protein that plays an important role in mental health.  The protein was discovered in 1957 and it is known that MT has a role with zinc and copper homeostasis, but also protection against oxidative stress. Poor MT function has been associated with ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  The functions […]

What is Pryole?

What is Pyrrole and what does it have to do with mental health?  Glad you asked, this is a condition where there are too many pyrrole molecules in your body, the increase of these cells can cause mood swings and there is a connection to emotional, physical and mental health conditions. Although pyrrole molecules do […]

Understanding Acceptance

Understanding Acceptance Understanding and accepting a mental health disorder(s) can be a struggle with an overwhelming mine field of information. I have observed many a client receive a diagnosis feel relief and then despair. The relief was always explained as receiving finally an answer to how they were feeling with possible path forward on treatment. […]

Your Brain and Your Mental Health

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There is research that shows indisputable links between gut health and overall health including mental health. But are you aware that “good fats” are one of the most important components of your diet since the brain is made of 60% fat? The brain contains 25% of the body’s total cholesterol, the brain is 1/5th cholesterol […]