Young girl in turquoise tope wearing huge yellow sunglasses looking up at the sun.

The benefits of sunshine are endless so here are just a few thoughts. Sunshine is where we obtain vitamin D.  This is critical because it helps the body absorb calcium.  It also helps the body keep the right amount of of calcium and phosphorous in the blood. Without calcium your bones would become thin, brittle […]


Water: Every single cell is made up of water including 75% of the water in our bodies.  Water is critical for the life and function of the cells, tissue and organs in the body.  This includes, thought process, movement, nerve function, blood circulation, temperature, dissolves minerals and nutrients, making them more accessible to the body, […]


The air we breathe plays an essential role in our health.  Long term exposure to polluted air can compromise the health and functioning of the cells and organs of our body, this can lead to increased susceptibility to infections and various forms of disease. In the last blog we discussed air and clean air day […]