Fat and Depression Link

Depression can be described as a mood, a state of being, or energy level that includes a lack of motivation, a sense of hopelessness, and a lack of physical energy.  Depression can be associated with a variety of nutritional deficiencies; there are common symptom and they occur in both young or old.  It is not […]

Fat and Brain Link

Did you know that your brain is comprised of over 50% fat?  I have seen research that quotes 70%. Fat got a dirty name in the 1980’s and I am not sure why.  But here is what you need to know about fat and how it operates for your brain and in the body.  Lipids […]

Fat Myths

Plant based written in white chalk on blackboard surrounded by fruit, veggies and plants.

Who started the myth about fat is bad?  Not sure but is started sometime in the 80’s.  After the myth started the word fat has such negative connotations in our culture that many of us shy away from foods that contain it. The products that are “low in fat” usually contain extra sugar.  Dietary fat […]

Healthy Gut

Woman holding out hand towards image of intestines or healthy gut.

A quick overview on the question, what is a healthy gut?  A healthy gut should include discussions on microbiome, and transit time.  Considering that your gut is responsible for controlling digestion, boosting immune function, regulating your mental health, preventing disease, and maintaining your overall health, it is a pretty important organ! Your gut microbiome starts […]

Probiotic Myths

Probiotics with yogurt containers

The myth about probiotics!  Have you ever walked into a store and tried to figure out which probiotic, what billion of what strain is the correct dose or what about those that are in the fridge and those that are on the shelf.  Tough decision without the facts and understanding that not all probiotics are […]