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As a registered social worker, I specialize in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Trauma Informed  Support.  I integrate talk therapy, mindfulness and art as interventions that address dysregulation in the nervous system.  I have a passion for the arts and can assist in finding natural solutions to guide you towards your healing path.  I find that this combination helps clients find and resolve what brings them in for therapy plus provides the ability to embrace life challenges.  I work with individuals of all ages, and families from all backgrounds, cultures and ages.  In addition to years of counselling, I bring a background in policing and crisis intervention.  

All are welcome.


Mind Health Connect is affiliated with international and local experts to help support your wellness.

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Our biology can play a major role in our overall well-being.  It cannot be ignored that there are contributing factors such as gut issues, allergies or a low overall well-being.  We know that if you don’t feel well, you don’t think well.

There are genetic factors that contribute to mind body wellness.  I became aware of one factor, Methylene-tetra Hydro Folate Reductase (MTHFR) gene when I was visiting Australia.  I brought the information along with support to Canada to assist with the related health issues.

Affiliations with registered professionals such as occupational therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, exercise coach and more should you require it.

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You can liberate yourself from feelings that dysregulate your physical body by finding and using tools that help with connection to those feelings.  Once you let go of fear, you will begin to make conscious decisions about how life can be regardless of the challenges that fate throws your way.

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I provide support to adults, children, teens and families. I am gentle, warm, supportive and have a deep understanding of how fear, anxiety, and those big overwhelming feelings can make you feel hijacked. Those big feelings can stop you from doing so much and diminish your enjoyment of the world around you.
The connection between mind and body has undergone extensive research. We know that the powers of the mind and body can assist in offering new paths forward. Feeling better is the ultimate goal to seeking help. Ensuring that the connections are functioning well will help in feeling better. Overall well-being is the ultimate goal.
The genes and life events are not a complete picture. As often stated, genes may load the gun but the environment pulls the trigger. The whole picture is genes, environment, diet and lifestyle are all powerfule influencers to determine health. The work by Candace B. Pert, Ph,D coining the term "bodymind" intelligence.


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