I provide support to adults, children, teens and families. I am a gentle, warm, supportive person and have a deep understanding of how fear, anxiety, and those big overwhelming feelings can make you feel hijacked. Those big feelings can stop you from doing so much and diminish your enjoyment of the world around you. Remember, that life is not a commission of errors but what you do and learn from those errors that matters. It is a matter of opening the door to self realization and encourage curiosity to embrace it.

Believing that the client is the narrator of their own story and recognize the importance of collaboration, I believe is the essence of a therapeutic relationship. Through providing a safe environment, establishing trust, exploring fantasies and dreams will encourage the essence of Self to emerge. The true Self is true and loving, and has the capacity to heal. When we are in Self, we are grounded, centered, and nonreactive. This is the centre of calm even when triggered we remain unruffled.

According to IFS theory the Self capacities are; compassion, curiosity, connection, calm, courage, clarity, caring and creativity. This means that once Self is leading you will use all of these capacities seeing balance and fair in most situations.

At Mind Health Connection we walk with you on your journey to find Self.


The connection between mind and body has undergone extensive research. We know that the powers of the mind and body can assit in offering new paths forward. Feeling better is the ultimate goal when seeking help. Ensuring that the connections are functioning well will help in feeling better. Overall well-being is the ultimate goal.

Biochemical Individuality and mental health are terms that we need to understand. We do not begin as a newborn with a blank slate each of us have biochemical factors that influence such things as personality, behaviour, mental health, immune function and allergic reactions. We are not just a genetic combination of our mother and father but from many ancestors. This idea has lead to a new path of understanding and offering support through identifying nutrient imbalances to support an individuals mental health. The biochemical individuality concept inspired me on a path of gaining more knowledge and understanding of nutrition support, balances and mental health.

The body and mind have a magical relationship. If we experience stress we can overload different parts of our body, different processes can be effected. If this stress is constant than we can place our body into feeling unsafe and it reacts accordingly utilizing nutrients to meet that stress and the needs of of body. The body then becomes depleted and feelings of fatigue, depression or anxiety become large and overwhelming.

At Mind Health Connection our vision is to offer support for both the mind and body as a holistic approach to wellness.

We are associated with Evexia Diagnostics.


The genes and life events are not a complete picture. As often stated genes may load the gun but the environment pulls the trigger. The whole picture is genes, environment, diet and lifestyle are all powerful influencers to determine health. The work by Candace B. Pert Ph.D coining the term “bodymind” intelligence and she proves that this intelligence is wise enough to seek wellness by always attempting to maintain a balance that may cause deficiencies. We know that stress has a powerful effect on our bodies. Stress can be emotional, mental, physical, chemical or environmental. It can be a physical reality or created in our minds, but in either case it sets off a fixed reaction in our bodies. The fight or flight system in our bodies needs to learn to calm and it is through developing the awareness of our bodies reaction that we learn to align our mind and body. Through learning mindfulness practices, breathing exercises and other concepts that will assit us to become more aware and work well together with talk therapies.

At Mind Health Connection we decode your individual needs and guide you to wellness practices that manage stress through engaging both your body and your mind towards the ultimate goal of feeling good overall.

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