Understanding Acceptance

Understanding Acceptance

January 18, 2023
Understanding and accepting a mental health disorder(s) can be a struggle with an overwhelming mine field of information. I have observed many a client receive a diagnosis feel relief and then despair. The relief was always explained as receiving finally an answer to how they were feeling with possible path forward on treatment. Then despair that is always explained as “Oh no I am going to be like this forever!”

A diagnosis is just a means of drawing attention to categories of presenting issues. A way to find the language and description of feelings that at times do not make sense. It is a way of making sense but not a final statement of who you are as a person.

Acceptance, is a willingness to believe in yourself and that it is ok to feel such things as fear or anxiety, because when you accept these feelings, then you accept who you are a a person. This is a very important point in healing mental health. When you embrace the feeling, the moment you open yourself up accept and feel that hard feeling, is the moment you release it and be in charge of the change, the big feelings that are interfering with your life go away. You become your own master.

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