Mind Body Connection for Long Term

What does it actually mean “Mind Body Connection”?  Research is showing more and more that the mind plays a significant role in the connection to our health.  We always underestimate how changing or rethinking our beliefs and attitudes can improve our health and happiness.

A recent book by Ellen Langer, The Mindful Body, sites research showing the real world and personal examples of how we can un-lock the full potential of our bodies though the power of our minds.

The mind and the body are not two systems but a single system.  A cognitive change also includes a change on the body, being hormonal neutral, and/or behaviour change.  When we open our minds to mind-body-unity then we open our minds to control out health.

There is an illusion of control, what this means is if you believe you have no control, then you become helpless.  If you did not believe in the possibility of control this wouldn’t lead to instances in which we would underestimate the ability to influence events.  There has been research which has proven that we can experience the benefits of improved health and decreased stress by mindfully perceiving control.  If we are diagnosed with a dread disease and assume we have no control, we become helpless, which itself is bad for your health. So believing is being healthy.

Something to think about!

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Ref; Ellen Langer, The Mindful Body

October 19, 2023
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