Sitting with Fear

I am sure most of us felt the stress of the COVID lock downs and stress from the unknown brought about fears.  Our routines were altered, financial pressures and social isolation.  There was fear from job uncertainty, information overload, rumours, and misinformation that did make our lives feel out of control and make it unclear what to do.

There is a big shuddering going down my spine thinking of those times, so glad that we are returning to some social norm.  Fear is one of the hardest emotions to sit with.  During the COIVD times fear was the toughest to reduce, it surrounded us through media and conversations.  During regular times fear is hard to sit with.  This inability to sit with fear serves a purpose that can be necessary for our survival.  It keeps us safe.  Fear is a natural response for protection. However, it is when fear starts to negatively impact our lives, we can become emotionally stuck.  Fear can stop you from living our best life.

We have to realize that fear is an emotion, and an emotion will come in like a wave and fade.  We just have to sit with it.  Sit in the uncomfortable emotion.  One of the ways to be comfortable is to take care of your body, sleep, exercise, nutrition and finding balance.  Learning how to sit in the calm, relaxing can take practice, but if we get good at it it can help us sit with fear.  Taking the time to practice relaxing is what we all must get better at, it will keep us calm even in fearful times.  Getting back to calm, learning how to find calm when we feel fear takes practice too. 

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November 7, 2023
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