The Mindful Body

Understanding how our mind and body work and thinking out way to chronic health is the knowledge we all could benefit from.  But what does mindfulness really mean and how do we find it?  I believe that the mind and body are one single system not two separates as we always discuss.  If we open our minds to this thinking, would it not be possible to control our health through our thinking?

How often do we treat people on the medical side without even considering what the mind needs or if it would be helpful in the healing process.  Ellen Langer has been doing some interesting work on how important the mind is to our health.  Langer writes that the mind is a primary determinant of the body’s health, and simple interventions to change the way we think can dramatically improve our well-being.  Langer proves this through her research.

The start of developing the way into mindfulness thinking is to first, remember that rules, whether written or understood, are made by people like us.  If we do this then we are more likely to act in our own best interest, even if it means ignoring the rule.  How many times is it our mindset that sets the outcome for us.  Like being told you have cancer, and then we have a predetermined commitment that cancer is a killer, and this commits out mindset. Langer’s research shows this to be true.

Think about it, the cure for cancer may just be a thought away.

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