What’s Going on in 2024 at Mind Health Connect?

What is going on in 2024 for Mind Health Connect.  This year I am going to continue to spread the word on natural solutions for mental health.  There are “good fit” natural solutions specific for your biology without having sometimes disastrous outcomes, solutions that the body accepts and solutions that will assist on the journey to wellness.  Natural solutions support the body in its ability to heal, and I have big faith in that, in the body’s ability to heal itself.  I have witnessed success accomplished so often with natural solutions I have to support it; it makes the most sense from all of the evidence and independent research that I have got my hands on.  I am going to keep assisting this through wellness support and holistic and functional nutrition information.

Continuing to spread the word on MTHFR (Methyltetrahydrofolate Reductase), the link to mental health and overall general poor health.  If it is estimated that 53% of the population has MTHFR then it makes sense to spread the word.  Why Canada’s medical community is not trained or adopting this information is a curiosity, I discovered the information while in Australia where it has been adopted and remains common knowledge.  So, help me spread the word!  I have testing available; Dynacare has testing with a doctors request.  So, eliminate out or add it to the tool of information that can assist you with your individual journey to wellness.

The other exciting news is I am redoing some of the pictures on my website, adding some changes to pictures and re-wording some of the content. PLUS, adding a store soon.  Things that you can buy to support the positive change, journals that I created, books and everything that I have come across that supports healing.

Lastly, a few more I am looking to add more people to the practice, increase my Instagram exposure and add group art to discover calm together. I started to write a book. 

I think that should cover most of the plans and keep things busy for 2024.

Have questions, just as me, info@mindhealthconnect.ca



January 15, 2024
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