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Embracing Fear

In Blog #67 we went through how fear comes from the response of the amygdala  and for the benefit of our survival.  Fear is instinctual.  In this Blog I want to touch on the topic of how we could embrace fear. 

In Blog 67 we touched on that fight, flight, freeze is instinctual.   Generally speaking there are 4 symptoms that present if you have experienced a traumatic event; 1) Hyperarousal, 2) constriction, 3) disassociation (includes denial) and 4) feelings of helplessness. Other symptoms that will show up shortly after or at the same time are; 1) Hypervigilance, intrusive imagery or flashbacks, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, 2) hyperactivity, exaggerated emotional and startle response, nightmares or night terrors, abrupt mood swings, reduced ability to deal with stress, difficulty sleeping. This list is not for you to diagnose yourself but to help you get an understanding for how trauma symptoms behave. 

Transforming and surrendering to trauma isn’t a mechanical ritual, there is no magic pill.  Transforming requires a person have a willingness to challenge your basic belief about who you are, them have faith to trust in the responses and sensations that we can’t fully understand and be willing to flow with the responses that will take over, visualizing yourself in harmony with the response. Embracing the feelings.  Remember, letting go never happens all at once, slow and little steps are what is necessary.

Visualizing fear as a wave that will come in crescendo and fall, balancing yourself while the wave is peaking is a good imagery to work with.  I should add that although I am extremely sympathetic to those who have experienced trauma and struggle with it this does not negate those suffering from a traumatic event to taking responsibility for their behaviours and health.  If you have experienced a significant event seek support and educate yourself.  This is for yourself and for those who love you.

I will be offering support through a workshop in June on embracing fear, sign-up will be offered for a zoom experience and offering of a Facebook Group to learn how to make changes in your life…. Watch for it as it will be coming soon!

Have questions, just ask, info@mindhealthconnect.ca

 Waking the Tiger, Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick

April 22, 2024
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