System Crasher

June 16, 2022

It only takes one person to make change happen.  It takes others to join in and believe.  When I first became a therapist, I was confused by the silos of college registrations and the education requirements for each.  I was healthy and thinking soundly at the time and just cannot imagine being under stress while trying to negotiate through the maze of different types of registrations, pricing, different modalities of treatment and claims of research backed.  It is enough to start confusion if you don’t already have it.

There isn’t a college I can register with.  There isn’t a college that joins both social work and nutrition so I must register with two colleges and document the amount of time that is spent per session under each college.  I will do this because I am a “System Crasher.”  I beieve so strongly that working with individuals that we can’t separate the mind and the body to find our optimum health.  We need to connect and understand how thoughts and emotions affect our health and that they are an interconnected system.

It is holistic thinking and no silos that will change treatment to have more success.

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