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Informed Consent

September 28, 2022

The Canadian medical system requires that we are provided with “informed consent” — we trust this.  If we are required to have surgery, usually we are presented with “informed consent” paperwork requiring our signature.  The documents list all the surgery outcome, risks and possibilities for us to sign but, sometimes this is all verbal.  This is done so we feel informed when we go into surgery of what the objective of the surgery is and what risks we are taking should complications arise including the risk of possible death.

Why is it that informed consent isn’t presented with medications or vaccines?  The other day I was listening to a podcast regarding “informed consent” and it really made me stop, think and curious.  Recently I listened to Dr. Christiane Northrup, a USA certified OB/GYN, and a long time proponent of women’s health (a little on the radical side for sure).  I realized after listening to her that there had been a few times, where when it came to some medications, that I was not aware of some of the potential side effects.  We are always provided with a sheet of paper from the pharmacist that lists some of possible side effects for a drub, but the symptoms that were happening to me (severe light and sound sensitivity) were not on the sheet.  It was only after I had done my own research and then spoke to the pharmacist that the additional side effects came to light.

I have family members and friends who have had serious side effects from new medications and from long term use of medications.  We have to be very aware of how pharmaceutical medications target a symptom (or a condition) but also that the body works in a foundation of collaboration.  There can be serious side effects that can be harmful, so we have to become curious for our own well being and safety.

Consider researching medications you are taking at reputable sites such as the Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic and question your pharmacist.  We need to take better care of ourselves when it comes to medical information.  We cannot always assume.


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