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Exercise - Just Do It!

September 14, 2022

We all know, or have been told about the importance of exercise, but do we really know how
important it is, and the types of exercise required for optimum health? Results of exercise
studies have been somewhat mixed, but there is a growing consensus that high intensity
weight-bearing exercise and resistance training generally increase, or maintain, bone mineral
density in post menopausal women. So, this means that walking for women just doesn’t build
bone density, for women. You need to lift and have resistance training in the mix.

But, what about children and adolescence? There is something called Peak Mineral Density
(PMD) or peak bone mass which refers to the highest bone mineral density achieved during
one’s lifetime. The largest amount of bone mineral is added during childhood and adolescence.
By the end of adolescence 95% of the adult skeleton has been formed with 5% of bone density
is accumulated between ages 20-35. While there are nutritional, factors that can assist with
bone density, emphasis is put on consuming an adequate amount of calcium, vitamin D and
proteins, exercise is still key. Take note that the effects of non-exercise in
childhood/adolescence will not be exposed until adulthood.

Weight bearing exercise or activity that exposes the body to repeated stress in excess of normal
effects of gravity is needed. This weight bearing stress stimulates bones to increase bone
mineral content over time. People who are physically active generally have greater bone mineral
density than those who are sedentary. So get the kids off the video games, and get to the next
level as a family!

Personally I use “Dorion Fittness” I exercise daily (5 days weekly) within my own home and
enjoy the added benefit of reducing my stress load, makes those happy chemicals zing . There
are many on the market but I find the App DOrion Fittness offers with exercise examples to
assist with knowing I am completing the exercise properly is awesome and the benefit of being
in my own home with my own equipment, with my own program tailored to my needs works for
me. Find something that works for you – and – just do it! Or ask me how!

Info from: Nutrition for Sport & Exercise – Marie Dunford, J. Andrew Doyle
Dorion Fittness –

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