What Does Bio Individual Mean?

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The term Bio Individual can be used when discussing health and it seems like a distant heavy term but is quite easy, not the rocket science meaning. It is the idea that certain factors such as ancestry plays a huge role in bio-individuality, according to the study by RB Eckhardt, Feb 2001.  Foods that your body can effectively metabolize are linked to the foods your ancient relatives ate frequently.  If your are From Western European descent, for example, you would easily metabolize bread and cheese.  But your body might struggle with spicy foods or rice since those food groups weren’t abundant in Western Europe in ancient times. What about your grandparents genetics?

Fitness and nutrition are often viewed as one-size fits all.  There is no perfect diet or exercise routine, and health is not all about having enough motivation or cutting out certain food groups.  Just because one person is thriving in a gluten-free or keto or paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.  Every human body is unique, and we have to start looking at our individual needs rather than copying something that works for someone else.  That’s now where bio-individuality comes in.

Genetics plays a role in the bio-individuality of exercise as well.  According to an article in the Men’s Journal, “when it comes to athletic and physical performance, genetics can be attributed to about 50-60% of the difference between your skills and someone else’s.

Stop comparing your goals to a stranger’s.  If a certain diet works for someone else but not for you, it could be because you have different genes.

All bodies are built differently, your blood type, stress levels and ancestry are all important.  Looking to your relatives could give you a useful starting point for building your perfect exercise and nutrition routine.

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