Why I Chose This Path

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I can’t tell you how many kids I have had come into my office and through the meet and greet they would say, “am I smiling I can’t feel my face” or “I can’t sleep so I take a pill or “people get annoyed and I have sit still so I have to take my pill for that” there were so many people who came in for a session and said nothing is working so my doctor put be on a larger dose, or oh I reached the top dose of my mediation so I had to switch to another pharmaceutical drug.  The best question though remains, “am I smiling ‘cause I can’t feel my face?” Imagine going through life not feeling facial expression.

There has to be a better way…..

I took some courses (Holistic Nutrition Certificate, Functional Nutrition Certificate) listened to podcasts and lectures having that inquisitive mind helped, I think I found an alternative path.  I 100% agree that pharmaceuticals have a place in the treatment of mental health, and maybe they have served society well over the last fifty years, and maybe drug therapies will fade away as science advances.  There are effective, natural, drug free therapies that do not produce the serious side effects that may take over.

This is more than trial and error it is science and 30 years of research has proved that nutrient therapies tailored to specific bio types, not trial-and-error application of pharmaceutical drugs are working to help people feel better.

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Ref: William J. Walsh, PhD
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