Changes to Natural Health Care Products

I do not normally take a public stand on many things, but I feel that this is something that the population needs to be aware of as it has major significance for all Canadians.

There is about to be a major change in Natural Health Product Regulations with consultation in the federal parliament for these changes closing July 26, 2023.  Health Canada recently proposed new and significant fees to import, manufacture, and sell natural health products along with new labelling laws. This is unfair, unrealistic, and so costly that it will force many small to medium-sized businesses to shut down Canadian Operations.

Bill C47 and the changes it represents were originally submitted in 2008 and immediately shot down.  This time Bill C47 and the changes to the natural health product regulation was buried in the latest federal budget, which is a document hundred’s of pages long, check out the area marked in the 500’s.  These proposed major changes to the Natural Health Care Product Industry will mean price increases and decease in accessibility to products for all Canadians.

What does that mean? It means if you want to basic everyday product such as toothpaste, vitamins, probiotics, and fibre, as part of your proactive healthcare, you might not have availability or may not be able to afford the product.  If we don’t act immediately, consumer prices will rise and consumer choice will decline.  When inflation is at an all-time high and access to healthcare is at an all-time low.   This is a major concern for those who do not have a doctor.  But also consider the overreach of the government and will likely lead to the end of many natural health professions.

Why is the Government unnecessarily adding to inflation on health and wellness products when Canadians are already stretched?

What you can do, do your research.  Listen to those who are fighting for the rights and freedoms of everyone to make choices available to all, such as Shawn Buckley.  So, if you feel that this is something worth fighting for, sign a petition at your local health food store, speak to your health care provider, send a letter or make an appointment with your MP.

Have questions, just ask me,

August 29, 2023
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