Leaky Gut — What is it?

When your gut is unhealthy, the whole body is at risk.  There can be bacterial imbalance, mechanical blockages and other issues that can include brain fog, acne, weight gain, allergies, nutrient deficiency, hormonal or mood imbalances.

You will know when you have “Leaky Gut”, you feel the digestive system not working efficiently, causing abdominal distress and bloating, poor digestion, or even worse chronic diseases.

Leaky Gut or intestinal permeability is when we develop an imbalance in microorganisms.  The microorganisms form a natural ecosystem commonly called the gut flora.  This ecosystem is designed to be symbiotic in that it benefits both the individual and the microbes.  Leaky Gut is a condition that can have several causal factors such as lifestyle stressors, food sensitivity, increased pathogens, increased immune cells all leading to reduced nutrient absorption. All this equals not feeling well.

When we develop this imbalance, it causes a rise in pathogenic microbes, chronic gut inflammation and damage to the gut lining.  The biggest cause of Leaky Gut is the modern Western diet.  This diet is not only lacking in critical nutrients that could promote gut health but the high amount of sugar, processed foods.  Let’s not forget that alcohol when consumed decreases the percentage of healthy compounds which our bodies can absorb for use.  The side effects of developing inflammation in the body and trauma to the gut are linked to autoimmune dysfunction.

There are some mental health conditions such as ASD, ADHD and Depression that are linked to Leaky Gut. This is why you hear the saying that mental health is linked to the gut.

The easiest way to start the repair is to reduce processed foods, reduce processed sugar, and what about the unhealthy fats?  Western Diet is characterized by high intakes of pre-packaged foods, refined grains, red meat, processed meat, high-sugar drinks, candy and sweets, fried foods, industrially produced animal products, high fructose corn syrup, low intakes of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, pasture-raised animal products, fish, nuts, and seeds.

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