Healing the Body and Mind

I always tell all my clients that a diagnosis is not for life, or better yet not a life sentence.  Changes can happen but it can be lots of hard work to get there.  The healing of body and mind from trauma is an individual one.  You need a therapist that is a good fit, you feel comfortable with and feel supported.  To get down deep, personal and to be vulnerable is a “no go” with someone you can’t connect with.

One of the reasons I have an affinity to nutrition was because of the obvious benefits to health, but also because of the connection between mind and body.  When we go under stress what happens inside effects the mind as well as the body.  So it makes sense that we feed it nutritional and support the body from the effects from the event.

It makes perfect sense when we experience something traumatic our adrenal glands go crazy and we crash our B12, just to name a few things, all of which your body really needs to have in balance. Everyone wants to be up and running efficiently!  If there is no efficiency your body starts to rob from other sources to survive. This adds up to starting to feel really awful in your body and mind, inflammation, fatigue and brain fog take over.

So you find the right therapist, someone you connect with, learn to talk about changes that need to happen.  This is so you become more aware of how you are feeling emotionally and implementing change. What your body needs is for you to connect and be in tune, feed it well with good nutritionally sound food, exercise, water and sleep are the best basics you can give to start the journey on the road to wellness.

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