Fat and Brain Link

Did you know that your brain is comprised of over 50% fat?  I have seen research that quotes 70%. Fat got a dirty name in the 1980’s and I am not sure why.  But here is what you need to know about fat and how it operates for your brain and in the body. 

Lipids is the general name for fats, taken from the Greek word lipos.  The one thing that all lipids have in common is that they do not dissolve in water.  Lipids are critical in the outer coating of most nerve cells.  A key lipid is Cholesterol which is also the basis for the formation of many hormones and vitamins in the body including estrogens, androgens, progesterone, cortisone, and vitamin D.

Dietary fat is a high energy food source.  It also helps our cells communicate and preserve their identity, our nerves send messages, our glands make hormones, and our bodies transport vitamins and other substances where they are needed.

Fat is the slow burn that your body needs to use as fuel to get through the day and can guard against a glucose roller coaster.  I often recommend to clients that they drink a coffee bomb in the morning (coffee, MCT Oil, and Butter) to help maintain their glucose and clear up the brain fog.

The brain is highly concentrated in omega 3 fats especially docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which makes up around 90 percent of the brain’s omega 3 content.  Low levels of brain DHA are linked to issues with neuron health, learning, and memory. 

The key to navigating through the topic of fat is to realize that it is all about the type of fat you are taking, to remain healthy our bodies need fatty acids of both types saturated and unsaturated that solve our need for Omega 3 and Omega 6 and for overall health and brain health.

So unfortunately, holding the French Fries is still necessary because they are deep fried in fat that is not healthy for you, but the good news is that I am encouraging you to explore healthy fat intake for you overall health!

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