What Is In My Control

What is in my control is a good question to ask yourself.  Often, we labour over things we have no control over. We lose sleep and stress ourselves out with things that are not in our control.  I will often work with this in session and is a great conversation to have with yourself and others.  Should we worry about the weather, no we dress for the weather, it is a waste of our energy to worry about it.

Thinking about what is in your control is a good way to build your resiliency, life is not fair at times, and worry just adds to the stress.  There are times when worry is useful to us, like worrying about getting a good mark on a test might assist us in spending more time on studying for it.  That is in your control, the questions on the test, the teachers marking guide are not in your control. Taking action in what is in your control works well to lessen the stress, reduces worry and overall feelings of an unbalanced state.  What is not in your control you learn to let go and make the conscious choice not to take action.

This is the way we tolerate uncertainty.  We cannot predict the future and therefore we have to take little steps in growing our tolerance, we do this by performing little steps of tolerance, asking ourselves when we feel the anxiety rise, is this in my control?  The only thing that is in your personal control is you, your emotions, your efforts, your thoughts.  So, make the effort a little step at a time to release worry from what is not in your control.

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Ref: Montrealcbtpsychologiest.com

May 21, 2024
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