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The benefits of sunshine are endless so here are just a few thoughts.

Sunshine is where we obtain vitamin D.  This is critical because it helps the body absorb calcium.  It also helps the body keep the right amount of of calcium and phosphorous in the blood. Without calcium your bones would become thin, brittle and even misshapen.

Sunlight helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin, and that can give you more energy and help keep you calm, positive, and focused.

Did you know that sunlight improves your sleep by creating a hormone called melatonin that is critical to helping you sleep.  Research indicates that an hour of natural light in the morning will help you sleep better.  Sunlight regulates your circadian rhythm by telling your body when to increase and decrease your melatonin levels.  So, the more daylight exposure you can get, the better your body will induce melatonin when it’s time to go to sleep.

Sunlight reduces stress through melatonin which lowers stress reactivity and being outside will hep your body naturally regulate melatonin. When you are out walking or playing outside, that extra exercise helps to lower stress.

Vitamin D is also critical for your immune system, and with consistent exposure to sunlight, you can help strengthen it.  A healthy immune system can help reduce the risk of illness, infections, some cancers, and healing after surgery.

Studies have revealed that sunlight fights off depression and people who spent more time in the sun lived 6 months to 2 years longer than those with less sun exposure.

So sunlight makes you feel good and makes you healthy!

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