Exercise: is good for both the body and mind.  There are so many physical benefits such as reducing risk of high blood pressure, heart function, diabetes control, building healthy strong bones improve circulation, muscle and joints, digesting foods, reduces stress and increases those happy hormones.

Want to increase your energy levels, exercise can help with that while helping to reduce fatigue.  It can help as a treatment method if you have retain health conditions, such as cancer.

Aerobic exercise boosts your cardiovascular system and improves lung health, which may help with energy levels.

Your heart pumps more blood as you move, delivering more oxygen to your working muscles.  With regular exercise, your heart becomes more efficient at moving oxygen into your blood.

Over time, exercise results in less demands on your lungs.  This is one of the reasons why you may find yourself getting less and less out of breath during exercise.  Regular physical activity is a key factor in reducing your risk of chronic diseases. 

Your skin can even benefit as it is affected by the amount of oxidative stress in your body.  Oxidative stress occurs when your body’s antioxidant deafness cannot completely repair the cell damage caused by compounds known as free radicals.  This can damage the structure of the cells and negatively impact you skin.  Regular moderate exercise may help alleviate the stress caused by free radicals.

Helps your brain health and memory, studies indicate that exercise has been shown to cause the hippocampus to grow in size, which may help improve mental function! Can reduce pain, help with relaxation and sleep.  Enough said to put regular exercise into your weekly habits.

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Ref: healthline.com

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